Student Support

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care takes many forms, and looks wildly different from person to person, because at its simplest it is bringing God's gifts to bear in the lives of His people. The best spiritual care meets people where they are, and brings those gifts, following the example of Christ who entered into our story, where we were, and at just the right time, offered His life as the ransom. At Emmanuel-St. Michael, we are privileged to care for students in this way. It begins with teachers in the classroom, but goes beyond that. We are meeting our students in their daily struggles and successes, and keeping Christ at the center in every way possible. Whether it's dealing with tough questions or moments as they come up, or sharing in the random joys of a Tuesday afternoon, God's gifts are brought to bear. 

Photo of Rev. Jonathan Meyer

Rev. Jonathan Meyer

Shepherd of the School

Pastor Meyer is from northeast Indiana. He attended ESM for his 7th and 8th grade years...


ESM's Counseling program views emotional health as an integral part of student success. Our vision is to show God’s love and compassion while providing equal access to an inclusive counseling support program that serves as an integral piece of the overall education experience. We seek to encourage holistic health by caring for the whole person serving preschool through 8th grade. The counseling program is available to support all willing students, families, and staff and works to deliver nurturing care so students gain knowledge, skills, values, and Christian attitudes that will contribute to their development as holistically well disciples of Jesus Christ.

Resource Support

Resource teachers at ESM play a pivotal role in ensuring that students have access to quality education. As specialists in education, they provide targeted support to students with diverse learning needs, empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve academic success. They work closely with classroom teachers, administrators, and support staff to develop comprehensive support plans, share best practices, and ensure a cohesive approach to student learning. Our resource teachers also regularly assess students' progress, adjust instructional strategies as needed, and communicate with stakeholders about students' achievements and areas for growth. ESM is blessed to have one resource teacher at each campus who, through their expertise, dedication, and collaboration, empowers students to overcome obstacles, reach their full potential, and thrive academically and beyond.

Photo of Mrs. Dana Hildebrand

Mrs. Dana Hildebrand

Resource Teacher - Getz Rd Campus

Dana Hildebrand is a graduate of Concordia University-River Forest.  She serves at...

Photo of Mrs. Kelly Steffen

Mrs. Kelly Steffen

Resource Teacher - Union St. Campus

The 2019-2020 school year marks Kelly Steffen’s twenty-first year in the educatio...