Our Churches

Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School is an Interparish School cooperatively supported by and led by Emmanuel Lutheran Church and St. Michael Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. At ESM we boldly seek to provide education for life and faith for eternity. The ministries of Emmanuel Lutheran Church and St. Michael Lutheran Church are integral to our mission. Our strengths as a school exist because of the support of our churches. If you are interested in becoming a member at one of the associated churches, please check out their websites and come visit!

Get to know St. Michael Lutheran Church

Established in 1953, St. Michael Lutheran Church exists to connect people to Jesus. Their statement of faith professes “We believe that all people are, by nature, sinful and thus separated from God. We believe that God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die in our place, and we believe that we are saved by grace through faith in Him alone. God creates and strengthens this faith in us through His means of grace, namely the Word, Holy Baptism, and Holy Communion.” St. Michael Lutheran Church is led by Pastor Dennis Goff and Pastor Shawn Davis. ‘Belong, Become and Bless’ at St. Michael Lutheran Church!

Pastor Dennis Goff

Rev. Dr. Dennis Goff was born in Columbus OH. He graduated from Oviedo High School, Oviedo FL followed by a year at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.  It was during his freshman year at college that he was led to go into the ministry and transferred to Concordia College, Ann Arbor MI before going on to Concordia Seminary, St. Louis MO. Dennis has served as a pastor in Louisiana, Florida and Minnesota prior to his work with the LCEF and The Lutheran Foundation.

Dennis is married to his wife Laura (nee Bok). They have two sons, Thad and Theo.  Thad lives in Fort Wayne and works for Worship Anew and Summit City Sports.  Theo is a pilot for Delta Airlines and is married to Elizabeth. Theo and Elizabeth live in Marietta GA with their 15 month old daughter, Amelia.   

Dennis and Laura enjoy traveling with family and friends, spending time with their granddaughter, and are always open to sharing a good meal and wine with old friends and new.  

Pastor Shawn Davis

Pastor Shawn Davis graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO in May 2017. He joined the St. Michael team as the Missional Pastor in June 2017. Pastor Shawn and his wife Anna met at Camp Lutherhaven in 2005 and have been blessed to have three children who are enjoying their time as students at ESM. 

Lutheran education is important because it connects children to Jesus, equips them with biblical truth and prepares them for lifelong service to their Savior.

Get to know Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Established in 1867, Emmanuel Lutheran Church is “a caring family sharing God’s love and forgiveness.” This family exists to announce this gift of forgiveness to individuals of all nations and cultures through the preaching of God's Word and the administration of the Sacraments. Emmanuel instructs young and old according to the confessional standard of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and reaches out through forgiving relationships, working to connect all members of the family through caring friendships. Emmanuel Lutheran Church is led by Pastor Thomas Eggold and Pastor Dan Sheafer.

Pastor Thomas Eggold

After teaching English at Concordia Lutheran High School for four years, Thomas Eggold took a position at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in 1996 as Director of Youth and Family Ministry. In 2000, Eggold enrolled in Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne and was ordained into the Office of the Ministry in 2003. He currently serves as the tenth Senior Pastor in Emmanuel's 150 year history. Pastor Eggold and his wife Sonya have been married for 28 years and have been blessed with two daughters.

Pastor Daniel Sheafer

Pastor Dan Sheafer has served as associate pastor at Emmanuel since July 2016. He shares that "I truly enjoy serving at Emmanuel because of the combination of the staff and congregation together. Emmanuel has wonderful members and a truly amazing staff of which I’m honored to be a part."

Pastor Sheafer was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moved to Fort Wayne in 2002. He attended Concordia Lutheran High School and then went to Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska. After graduation from Concordia Seward, he attended Concordia Theological Seminary, in Fort Wayne. During his time at seminary, he was also able to attend Westfield House in Cambridge, England, for a year.

Pastor Sheafer is married to his wife Madeline, who is also a graduate of Concordia University Nebraska. They are the proud parents of Everett and Silas.

Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School provides our congregations with a unique and powerful opportunity to share God's love and forgiveness with children and their families on a daily basis.