Meet Our Board

Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School is cooperatively supported by and led by Emmanuel Lutheran Church and St. Michael Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. An Interparish School Board, appointed by the churches, provides for the efficient management of the school ministry and carries out the mission to “nurture children in Christian faith within the context of sound academic instruction and to reflect Christ in all relationships”. The Board consists of representatives and a pastor from both congregations. The Administration serves as advisory members of the Board and there nay be two additional non-voting, advisory members elected by the Board. Board members work together to manage the tasks that will enrich the lives of children in the school, help teachers serve well in their vocations, and touch the lives of families in the service of our Lord.

Board Members


Pastor Thomas Eggold Emmanuel  
Richie Cummins



Mark Heine



Randy Kammeyer Emmanuel Treasurer

Jenel Meyer



Daniel Schmidt



Pastor Dennis Goff St. Michael  

Mark Bains

St. Michael


Ross Fredrickson

St. Michael

Vice Chair

Carrie Gould

St. Michael


Rhonda Patterson

St. Michael


Kevin Rush

St. Michael


Hannah Thompson

St. Michael  

Dr. Ben Stellwagen

Administrative Principal
Melissa Greener Administrative Assistant Principal - Union Street Campus

Keri Latin


Assistant Principal - Getz Road Campus

Jennifer Ackmann Administrative Assistant Principal - Preschool