Children are daily engaged in a variety of play-based learning activities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Bible Time
  • Language Development
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Group Activites
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Cirlce Time
  • Creative Art
  • Block Play
  • Dramatic Play
  • Social Development
  • Pre-Reading & Writing Skills
  • Music and Movement

Through each experience, children are guided by loving teachers and encouraged to learn and grow in a variety of ways that are developmentally appropriate.  Highscope, One in Christ and the Indiana Early Learning Foundations are curricula used by our teachers to prepare students for class advancement each year and ultimately, entry into Kindergarten.

ESM Early Childhood Ministry is committed to daily sharing the love of Jesus with your child.  This love will be modeled by each teacher in a variety of ways to encourage a deeper understanding of Christ’s love.  The following activities will be used daily, weekly or once a semester to provide opportunities for your child to grow spiritually.

  • Prayer – Children will learn that prayer is a way to talk to their Father in Heaven
  • Praise Songs – Children will learn that another way to draw close to Jesus and worship Him is through song.
  • Bible Lessons – Each day your child will learn about the love of Jesus from the Bible. 
  • Chapel – Early Childhood students will have the opportunity to take part in worship with fellow students.
  • ESM Buddy Program – Each Early Childhood student will be paired with an older student in our school to foster a “school family” atmosphere.  
  • Service – At least once a semester, Early Childhood students will have an opportunity to take part in a service activity.  


ESM Early Childhood provides daily opportunities for your child to grow physically.  Through a variety of activities, your child will develop and expand both large and small motor skills.

  • Indoor and outdoor activities include both free and guided play.
  • Various materials are used to stimulate large and small motor development.
  • Playground equipment is age appropriate and safe.
  • Weekly gym classes give children time to explore new activities and develop new skills.
  • Music and movement are used daily to enhance physical development.


ESM Early Childhood recognizes the unique way that God created each child.  Children have the opportunity to creatively express themselves through a variety of artistic experiences.

  • Music – rhythm and movement
  • Art Projects - free and teacher guided activities that encourage the expression of creativity and imagination
  • Literature – daily story time and opportunities for free exploration of books


ESM Early Childhood understands the important role technology plays in our world.  Even our youngest learners benefit from the integration of interactive technology to develop curiosity, problem solve and foster independent thinking skills. Older Early Childhood students have opportunities, always teacher-guided, to engage in limited amounts of age appropriate technology to enhance learning and stimulate cognitive growth.