Why ESM?

For generations, Lutheran education has been a priority for our two supporting churches, Emmanuel and St. Michael. As Pastor John H.C. Fritz once wrote, “The purpose of a Christian parochial school is to provide our children with a proper and well-balanced ‘diet,’ to give them what they need for a healthy development of the intellect and the soul. To fit them for life.” The goal remains the same today. At ESM we seek to provide education for life and nurture faith for eternity.

Prospective families identify many and varied reasons for the placement of their child in our school. Some cite excellent academics. Others value safety, programming, or the personal care they receive from our highly qualified staff. At ESM we seek to provide all these measurable components of excellence in education.

However, at ESM we hope to provide even more.

A Lutheran education at ESM seeks to connect children and families to the grace freely offered by our loving Savior. In that way, ESM serves as an extension of the Christian upbringing in the home while supporting the church’s mission to raise children in the faith. Church, school, and family – we believe this threefold partnership allows children to grow in faith while preparing them with the skills, knowledge, and community that life requires.

God regularly uses what is ordinary to do extraordinary things. Our hope and prayer is that each child at ESM is filled with the light of Christ so that they may share that light with others. We are excited to witness the extraordinary things He has in store for you!  

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Together, now more than ever, we are raising up the next generation of students who love the Lord and are ready to serve Him in our community. Learn more about the excellence in Education for life + Faith for eternity at ESM and schedule a visit today! We are excited to get to know you!