Tuition and Fees

Christian education is foundational for the formation of faith, academic excellence, and preparation for a life of service and leadership. For those reasons, the congregations of Emmanuel and St. Michael strongly support the ministry of ESM.  We believe that quality Christian education should be available to every family that is willing to commit to such a partnership.  The full cost of education at Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School is about $7,400.  However, thanks to the support of two congregations and many scholarship and grant opportunities available to parents, no student tuition is equal to the full cost. 

The association congregations of Emmanuel and St. Michael strongly support the operational costs of education.  This support enables every child to receive $1,670 toward the cost of education.  This leaves a total tuition responsibility of $5,730 per child for enrolled families. Additional fees of $55.00 per 5th Grade student for Outdoor Education and $80.00 per 7th Grade student for an educational field trip are required for enrolled families.

Active Member Grant

Children of active members of Emmanuel or St. Michael congregations may be eligible for an Active Member Grant. The criteria for an active member are specified in the Active Member Agreement, available below. This needs to be completed during the online enrollment application. These families may be eligible for grants of $2,670 for their first child and $3,380 for each sibling.

A family that commits to meeting the criteria of an active member and completes an Active Member Agreement, might expect tuition costs to be $3,060 for the first child and $2,350 for enrolled siblings.

Tuition and Fees Worksheet

To estimate your family obligation for tuition, families are encouraged to complete the Tuition and Fees Worksheet, available below. This worksheet is for your personal planning purposes only.

Scholarships Available

We believe every family should be able to afford a Christian education for their child if that partnership is desired. For those who need some extra financial help, various forms of financial aid and scholarships are available. Last year, over 75% of our students received some form of scholarship. Visit our Scholarship page for more information. 

Payment Choices

During the summer and before August financial registration, fully enrolled families will receive a tuition statement. Families may choose to pay in full, semi-annually, or monthly according to the schedule. These arrangements are made at registration along with the first tuition payment.

For additional help or to receive more information about school tuition planning please contact Karen Clendenen by email below or by phone at 260.459.1616.