Welcome to ESM Athletics!

We are happy that you are considering participation in our athletic program and hope that you are looking forward to being on one or more of our teams during this school year.   

Philosophy/Mission Statement

ESM wants to help train you for a life of service to God and others.  Your coaches want to assist you in your spiritual, as well as physical and mental growth.  They want you to grow to be more like Christ and “increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”  It is the guiding light of Christ’s spirit in our lives that shows us how to use our unique fellowship - that of Christ’s family.  Our prayer for you is that you will always continue to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus as long as you live, and that you may always have the peace and joy that he alone can give.

As Christian athletes, we are commanded by God himself, to strive for excellence in our area of participation.  “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might”, Ecc. 9:10. The ultimate goal of our striving must be to give glory to God, who is the source of all of our talents.  We strive for excellence in our athletic endeavors so that by such excellence God’s name might be praised.

Athletes represent our school to other schools, through their example, conduct, and attitude.  The use of these abilities in the classroom carries over to the athletic contests.  Our participants shall maintain good academic standing in grades 4 – 8.  If a participant carries two D’s or one F on his / her mid quarter or quarter report card, that participant will be placed on probation until the next report.  During probation, a player may practice with the team unless the parents decide to allow no practice time.  They will not be allowed to participate in any interschool contests.  The probation begins the day the report is sent home.  If the participant is ineligible for two reports consecutively, his / her season is over.

ESM does not collect a gate fee to attend any of the LSAA games throughout the season.  Because of this, a sports fee will be asked for each sport in which the student participates, and is NON-REFUNDABLE should the athlete not complete the sport.  This fee should be paid by the second practice. Team uniforms will be issued to athletes after sports fees are paid. These fees are used to replace equipment, uniforms, and pay referees.  The fee for all sports (excluding basketball and football) is $40.00.  The fee for basketball is $50.00 and football is $95.00.

The coaches for the various sports at ESM assume responsibility for the supervision of all athletes and activities regarding that sport.  However, ESM is not financially responsible for injuries of any type.  Athletic injuries should be reported to the coach immediately.  

The completed physical / parent permit form must be turned in to the Athletic Director before an athlete will be allowed to participate in any interscholastic contests.

All students participating in interscholastic athletics are required to have accident insurance.  If you believe that your family policy is adequate, you will not have to purchase additional insurance.

Participants are financially responsible for any athletic equipment issued to them and if that article is lost or damaged, they will be billed accordingly.  Athletes should wear only the equipment issued them and should not permit its’ use by other persons.

All equipment is to be turned in promptly at the end of a season (no longer than one week after the last contest).  Athletes who are no longer academically eligible or no longer a member of the team, should turn in their equipment immediately.  When the season is ended, the athlete should make sure the equipment/uniform is cleaned and turn in.  There will be a fine for equipment that is not turned in after the week mentioned above.

If you have any general questions about athletics at ESM feel free to reach out to our Atheltic Director, Mr. Joel Behl. His information is below. 

Mr. Joel Behl

Physical Education - Union St. Campus / Athletic Director