One Book One School

Emmanuel-St. Michael is about to take part in a special, shared reading event. Every family in Grades K-8 will receive a copy of the same book –Nubby’s Story– and will be asked to read it together at home over the next few weeks. I am personally asking you to make the time so that your family can participate in this special activity.

Reading aloud at home is valuable because it better prepares your child to be an effective reader, and it is also a fun, worthwhile family activity. With this reading event, we aim to build a community of readers at our school. Everyone – students, parents, teachers, even administrative staff – will all be following along together.

On the backside of this, you will find a reading schedule so that you can keep up at home. Generally, you will be asked to read about 10-15 minutes each night.

When Nubby the boxer was born, there was something special about him.  That’s because Nubby was born without his two front legs.  He was so small and sick that the humans who rescued him weren’t sure he would make it. This inspiring true story teaches us that with a little love, some creativity, and a lot of hard work, special animals like Nubby can overcome any obstacle.

In school, your child will be invited to answer daily trivia questions to encourage attentive listening. You will soon find that your child will take pride in knowing and anticipating the details of the story. In class, students may explore the book through activities and discussion. You will want to make sure your family keeps up so that your child can be included. Throughout the month, everyone will be talking about Nubby’s Story.

Children of all grade levels will be reading or listening to their parents read the same book. Strange or daring as that may seem, it actually makes sound educational sense. We believe that you can and should continue reading books with children of all ages, even when they are able to read by themselves.

You’ll enjoy this special reading time with your children. "When a whole school reads a book, there's a lot to talk about." With your help, we can build a community of readers at our school.

Mrs. Keri Latin

Assistant Principal

Keri Latin isĀ ESM's Assitant Principal and has her office at the Getz Road cam...