Maker Club

What is Maker Club?

Maker Club is an after school club where students and or families have an opportunity to create a unique project or explore how to do something that interests them. For the 2018-2019 School Year, Maker Club will be primarily open to Middle School students in grades 6-8. However, there are a few classes that will be open to 5th grade students. More information about what is offered when, can be found below. Parent/Guardians are welcome to attend classes with their students. To register for Maker Club, please click on the large blue registration button below. 

Students can try their hand at 3D Printing, Knitting, Vinyl Cutting, Robotics, Online Programing, Web Design, Sewing and anything else that they can think up!

Maker Club is an after school club that will start Winter 2018. It is on Monday’s from 3:45 - 4:45 PM. Students may stay until 5:00 PM at which time they need to be picked up.

Maker Club projects run 6-8 weeks (except for robotics which is a 10 week commitment). However, the teacher may extend the project timeline if the students need or want more time. Each project has its own timeline because the projects start at different times. When a student signs up for a project they can see the estimated start date and estimated end date.

There is a $10 per semester fee for students who wish to participate. This fee covers materials, software and maintenance. This fee applies to all projects. Typically, students would participate in only one Maker Club project per semester. Additional projects beyond the first are allowed as time permits and would be charged a materials fee as needed.

Software and Program Links

Maker Club makes use of lots of software that is free to use online. While making the projects requires equipment and materials, many projects can be created on a computer for free. 

How do we sign up?

The application and information flyer is below. The application must be printed off and turned into Mr. Bornheimer. His contact information is below.