Wellness Policy

Prepared and reviewed annually by the following team consisting of at least one person from each area: Administration, Food Service, Health Services, Physical Education, Student, and Parent.

The Gospel Motivates

As leaders of Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School, we believe that God created us and gives us all things, including health. Therefore, we thank God for the gift of life and health that He has given us - imperfect as it may be with problems of illness and diseases as a result of sin. But knowing what God has done for us through Jesus Christ - the forgiveness of sins, life and salvation - our response is to care for the body that is on loan to us as a way of thanking and praising God. If we view our bodies as His temple, we can begin to see the importance of daily maintenance in order to keep us usable for His service. By keeping our bodies well-maintained and filled with the right kinds of fuel (foods) needed to sustain us we will be ready at a moment's notice for the demands and tasks He is calling us to do.

School Wellness Policy

Nutrition education, a component of comprehensive health education, shall be offered every year to all students. Nutrition education topics shall be integrated into the entire curriculum when appropriate. A quality nutrition education program addressed the following:

  • Equips students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to engage in sound nutrition behavior.  
  • Has a curriculum that promotes Christian standards and values as written in the Holy Scripture.
  • Is aligned with state standards.
  • Aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Addresses the state guidelines for recommended instruction.
  • Builds students' confidence and competence in making healthy nutrition choices.
  • Engages students in learning and prepares them to choose a healthy diet.
  • Is taught by highly qualified teachers, health professionals and qualified volunteers.
  • Includes students of all ages and abilities.
  • Provides adequate instructional time to build students' confidence and competence in health-enhancing skills.

Nutrition education shall also be made available to parents and the community. Nutrition education may be provided in various forms, including school newsletters, parent and teacher handbooks, additional handouts, posters, banners, website postings, community and student oriented presentations or other communications focused on promoting proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Emmanuel-St. Michael will communicate the new policy about non-sold foods and beverages in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Emmanuel-St. Michael directly displays signs and posters that encourage healthy eating habits in, or near each campus cafeteria.

Emmanuel-St. Michael Wellness Policy is available for the public to see on our school website:

  1. Our Parent/Student Handbook will refer to the Wellness Policy when addressing the new policy about fast food brought in to school for lunch.
  2. Our Parent/Student Handbook will address non-sold foods policy.
  3. We will promote healthy eating ideas to parents/staff on a quarterly basis via website or newsletter items.

Emmanuel-St. Micheal Lutheran School offers school meal programs and designs menus that meet the meal patterns and nutrition standards established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Emmanuel-St. Micheal encourages students to make food choices based on the most current Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Food and beverages that compete with the school's policy of promoting a healthy school environment are discouraged.

Emmanuel-St. Michael lunch program meets the nutrition recommendations of the USDA.

Emmanuel-St. Michael draws upon qualified child nutrition professionals and provides students with access to a variety of affordable, nutritious, and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

Emmanuel-St. Michael provides clean, safe, and pleasant settings and adequate time for students to eat.

Emmanuel-St.Michael participates in hot lunch program that follows USDA guidelines.

Emmanuel-St. Micheal provides nutrition education that fosters lifelong habits of healthy eating and physical activity, will establish linkages between health education and school meal programs, and will utilize related community services.

Emmanuel-St. Michael allows the recommended time (20 minutes) to eat lunch.


     1. Healthy eating and lifestyles will be modeled within the school community.
     2. The ESM Cafe will explore opportunities to integrate new foods in the lunch menus.

Developmentally appropriate physical education shall be offered to all students. In addition, physical education topics may be integrated into the entire curriculum when appropriate. Emmanuel-St. Micheal shall implement a quality physical education program that addresses the following:

  • Equip students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.
  • Has a curriculum that promotes Christian standards and values as written in Holy Scripture.
  • Influences personal and social skill development.
  • Is aligned with state standards
  • Aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Builds students' confidence and competence in physical abilities.
  • Engages students in curriculum choices that prepare them for a wide variety of lifetime activities.
  • Includes students of all abilities.
  • Is taught by highly qualified teachers.
  • Keeps all students involved in purposeful activity for a majority of the class period.
  • Builds students' confidence and competence in physical abilities.
  • Has an age-appropriate student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Has enough functional equipment for each student to actively participate.
  • Includes students of all abilities.
  • Addresses the state guidelines for recommended instruction.
  • Provides facilities to implement the curriculum for the number of students served.

Emmanuel-St. Micheal offers opportunities for unstructured physical activity, commonly referred to as recess, for all students K through grade eight. Recess should be in addition to a physical education class time not a substitute for physical education. Proper equipment and a safe area designated for supervised recess is necessary. Teachers are discouraged from withholding participation in recess from students or canceling recess to make up for missed instructional time and using physical activity as a punishment.

Emmanuel-St. Michael provides extra-curricular opportunities for physical activity, including an athletic program for boys and girls in appropriate grade levels.

Emmanuel-St. Michael uses physical activity as a reward, such as teacher or principal walking or playing with students at recess.

Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School's teachers, administrators and students are encouraged to serve as role models in practicing healthy eating and being physically active.

  1. Opportunities will be explored for before and after school activity clubs.
  2. "Brain Breaks" (spontaneous movement in classroom structure with intentional movement) will be encouraged in every classroom.

Wellness encompasses more than healthy eating and physical activity at Emmanuel-St. Micheal. We want to address mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellness as well with our students and staff.

  1. ESM will host at least one event yearly pertaining to one of these areas of wellness for either students and staff or parents and staff.
  2. ESM will explore ideas relating to substance abuse and/or sexual education for students.
  3. ESM will provide educational opportunities to help empower students to deal with social pressures.

The school principal will ensure compliance with this nutrition and physical activity wellness policy.

  • School service staff will ensure compliance with nutritional policies within school food service areas and will report to the school principal.
  • Physical education and health curriculum are aligned with state standards and the Local Wellness Policy.
  • Local schools will comply with all applicable federal and state requirements.
  • This policy is subject to ongoing review and modification as necessary to assure compliance with the purpose and intent of the Lutheran Schools of Indianan.

Students, staff, and school community will be informed about the local wellness policy. Records of annual inspections and reports will be available in the Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School office.

Last revised ESM February 14, 2017