2023 ESM Grandparents Day - Friday, November 3rd


Grandparents and Special Guests can complete the registration form below. Just one convenient form for all options! Please make sure that information is completed using contact info for the Grandparents/Special Guests (NOT for the parents). Communication and schedule for the day will be sent directly to the Grandparents/Special Guests. This also allows us to maintain contact with them for future ESM news and events. Follow the prompts in the registration and your unique schedule will be shared with you. 

Registration is now closed. 


SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS or QUESTIONS? Contact Mrs. Kathy Lash in the school office at (260) 422-6712.


ESM is ONE school on TWO campuses. Our Getz Road Campus is home to Getz Preschool and Grades K-3. Our Union Street Campus is home to Union Preschool and Grades 4-8. As we celebrate being connected to Christ (John 15:5), we give thanks for the many connections students have across generations. Grandparents Day is a chance for fun and fellowship with the extended ESM family who loves and supports these kids! Note that this year we will be welcoming ALL grandparents of PS-8 students on the same day! Yes, that includes grandparents with students in Grades 4-8 at the Union Street Campus, which is a change from our originally published calendar. In order to accommodate the number of people at Union, we will be offering multiple “tracks” and will be asking for lots of parent volunteers. Stay tuned for volunteer sign-up. 

The details below should give you a sense of the day. While complicated, what a blessing to have two campuses, two churches, and lots of students to celebrate! Follow the prompts in the registration and your unique schedule will be shared with you. 


We will host grandparents from 9am-11:15am at the Getz Road campus for Getz Preschool and Grades K-3. Doors open at the sanctuary at 8:35am. Coffee, juice, and a light snack will be served at the Getz Road event. 


We will host grandparents in three tracks at the Union Street Campus. Lunch will be served during each of the Union Street tracks, and we are excited to share that there will be no charge this year. The ESM PTL is graciously covering the cost as a special thank you to our Grandparents and Special Guests!

Track 1: Union 4th-8th - Gym doors open at 10:30am for 11:00am programming. 

Track 2: Union 4th-8th - Sanctuary doors open at 11:30am for 12:00pm programming.  

Track 3: Union Preschool - Sanctuary doors open at 10:00am for 10:15am programming. 

- Grandparents that will attend BOTH Getz and Union will automatically be registered for Track 2 at Union to allow for drive & park time. 

- Grandparents that will only attend the Union Street Campus will be able to choose either Track 1 OR Track 2. 

- Grandparents that have students in Union Preschool and Union 4th-8th will stay tuned for a message from Assistant Principal Mrs. Jennifer Ackmann for specific schedule details.

Photo of Mrs. Kathy Lash

Mrs. Kathy Lash

Administrative Assistant - Union St. Campus