Re-Enrollment Information

ESM continues to grow and we look forward to continued partnership with families in providing education for life and faith for eternity. The deadline to re-enroll current students has now passed. Following the March deadline, new students will be accepted and current students without complete re-enrollment may be placed on a waitlist. Do not delay in submitting your re-enrollment items as some classes do reach capacity.  

How do I re-enroll my current students?

It’s simple! Follow these steps:

  1. Access the Sycamore Admissions Portal.
  2. Login with your Sycamore family login/password. If you need help accessing your Sycamore account, please contact the school office.  It is very important that you do NOT create a new account in Sycamore. 
  3. Follow the instructions on the portal home screen to complete the re-enrollment items.
  4. Note the pre-admissions message with instructions. Note the admissions road map to the right. All items are in RED. As you complete sections, the admissions roadmap items will become GREEN. Note the 'HOME' button to the upper left under ESM logo. When in doubt, go to 'HOME'.
  5. Note that you only need to complete the items that are applicable to an existing/re-enrolling family, not a new family.
  6. BE SURE TO SELECT 'SUBMIT' or 'UPDATE' EACH TIME YOU COMPLETE A SECTION. This does not submit the full application but just submits/updates for the section you are in.
  7. Under 'STUDENTS' you will 'add student' for each additional student that you intend to enroll and change status to 'new/returning' for each student you intend to re-enroll.
  8. Once all items in your 'Admissions Road Map' have been completed (GREEN) you will have the option to 'Click to Submit the Application'.  You MUST click on 'Click Here to Submit the Application' for the application to be sent to us. 

What about the application fee?

Your re-enrollment application will be considered complete once your family application fee of $150 has been received. This is a non-refundable application fee.

OPTIONS for $150 family application fee:

- Pay by cash or check to either school office. 

- PAY ONLINE!  On January 22nd, the $150 family application fee was placed as a charge on each current family account.  This allows you to make payment right away. 

  • Log in to Sycamore. Go to 'My Accounting' > 'Summary'.
  • OPTION 1: Pay with credit card.
    • within the 'Tuition and Fees' section select 'Payment' > select 'Tuition & Fees' in 'Account' > enter the amount ($150 if only paying Application Fee) > select 'Make Payment'.  [NOTE: a 3% Convenience Fee applies]
    • If you do not currently have a payment method set up, select 'Payment Method' (top row) and 'Add Method'. Add your credit card info and accept. 
  • OPTION 2: Pay with a linked checking account.
    • within the 'Tuition and Fees' section select 'Dwolla' > select 'Tuition & Fees' in 'Account' > enter the amount ($150 if only paying Application Fee) > select 'Make Payment'.  [NOTE: a $1 Convenience Fee applies and there is a $10 minimum per transaction]
    • If you do not currently have a Dwolla account set up, you will be prompted to create one once you press 'Make Payment'.

How do I apply for scholarship assistance?

The scholarship application is available in a variety of ways. It can be accessed on our Scholarships page OR downloaded from the Sycamore admissions portal OR you can pick up a copy in either school office. Once completed, you can return the scholarship application AND copy of tax returns to either school office.

Need more help with the online re-enrollment process?

Check out the PDF tutorial and YouTube tutorial below.  If you need additional help in completing the application or need access to computer/internet, call the school office at (260) 422-6712.  You will be connected with Erin Clark, Director of Admissions, to help guide you through the process.


Video Tutorial