ESM Remote Learning

Starting Monday, March 16, ESM will be moving to home based remote learning. This is a great opportunity to use the benefits of technology to continue learning.  We will learn, collaborate and be creative in new and different ways.  We will also have time to rest and connect in our families.

We recognize just how important it is to be consistent, but also to help provide quick and easy access to these remote learning opportunities. Therefore, you can use the following list to jump to the needed content.

ESM Daily Devotions


Miss Elizabeth (Liz) Flood

Early Childhood Teacher, Union Campus

Miss Gwen Kanning

Early Childhood Teacher, Union Campus

Mrs. Michelle Madden

Early Childhood Teacher, Union Campus

Mrs. Shannon Rose

Early Childhood Teacher, Getz Campus

Mrs. Rachel Sprunger

Early Childhood Teacher, Getz Campus


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

Grades 5-8

At ESM, grades 5-8 will be utilizing the free and easy to navigate online learning platform Google Classroom. To access Google Classroom, students can go to a browser on any device or download the free app (Android App / iOS App). Any student using Google Classroom will need to login to their school google account. As an additional resource, students can also get to our internal "Student Dashboard" by clicking here. If you are a 5th - 8th grade parent or student please proceed to Google Classroom in your browser by clicking the button below:

Physical Education

Mr. Joel Behl

Physical Education - Union St. Campus / Athletic Director

Mrs. Gretchen Weerts

Physical Education - Getz Rd. Campus