PTL - Parent / Teacher League

Who is a member of the PTL? 

All of you!  Every parent or guardian; every teacher; and anyone who has an interest in our school and wants to be involved.  Yes, this means you.

What is the purpose of PTL? 

The official purpose statement says, “The PTL serves the school’s best interests by supporting the mission, programs, and activities of ESM; and to make every effort to involve parents and to develop a closer relationship between the home and school through close cooperation between parents and teachers.”  We are constantly rethinking ways we can better serve this purpose. As the committee approaches each PTL activity or event, we discuss them in great detail to determine if and where changes need to be made.  We are also looking into new ways we can help to make the relationships between the home and school even stronger.

What role does PTL have in our school? 

Some of the things we help organize, coordinate, and/or fund include the Fall Fundraiser, Carnival,  Auction, Grandparent’s Day, Spirit Wear, Skating Parties, Christmas Shop, Teacher Appreciation, Market Day, special projects (see below), and many others.

What does PTL do with the money it raises? 

During summer 2015, the PTL purchased over $15,000 to upgrade technology at the Union Street and Getz Road campuses. This technology upgraded the projectors that utilize the SMART Board technology. At the auction in March 2015, the PTL raised more than $17,400. Just in time for the National Lutheran Basketball Association tournament, the PTL purchased an eagle mascot using some of the funds raised at the auction. The proceeds from this auction also benefited several different areas including physical education and classroom display technology. The PTL also helps fund other activities throughout the school year. Some examples of these include: teacher reimbursement grants, skating parties, and student activities such as assemblies and other requests present to us.

How can I get involved or have my ideas heard?

First of all, there are regularly scheduled PTL meetings.  We meet about every other month during the school year for approximately one hour in the evening.  We post information about these meetings in the Thursday New Notes sent home with your child.  Currently, we have about 10 parents who attend these meetings regularly.  One of the Principals and at least one teacher also attend.  These are not close meetings!  We would be so excited to have lots more families involved!  But, even if you don't attend the meetings, it doesn't mean your ideas can't be heard.  You can come to just one meeting to present your ideas.  You can write a letter.  You can talk to someone who regularly attends the meetings and ask him/her to share your ideas. Second, volunteer to be a part of a PTL sponsored activity. Volunteering is a great way for you to use your talents and abilities to help your child's school, teacher, or classroom and to glorify God. There are many volunteer opportunities connected through PTL. We want you to be involved!

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas regarding PTL, please contact Monica LaLonde (260) 489-8982.

Lets have a great school year together!
Monica LaLonde
PTL President 

 PTL Opportunities: