Tuition and Fees

Christian education is foundational for the formation of faith, academic excellence, and preparation for a life of service and leadership.   For those reasons, the congregations of Emmanuel and St. Michael strongly support the ministry of ESM.

At ESM, we believe that Christian education should be financially accessible to anyone who desires such a partnership.  Our school works to offset the total cost in many ways to ensure that the cost of education to parents is not the decisive factor.

The total cost of education for every student at ESM is more than $5,700.  As part of the ministry of Emmanuel-St.Michael Lutheran School and its association congregations, every child receives $610 of ministry support because of the strong belief in Christian education held by the congregations.  Therefore, tuition, before applying any scholarships or grants that may be available, is $5,090 per student.

The Total Cost of Tuition and Fees is $5,090

Active Member Grant

Additional partnership grants are provided to the children of members of Emmanuel and St. Michael.  After completing and committing to the Active Member Partnership Agreement, these families may be eligible for grants of $2,325 for the first child enrolled and $2,950 for each additional child.  A family that meets the criteria for an active member might expect a tuition of:

Active Member Tuition for 1st Child - $2,400

Each additional child – $3,040

Indiana School Choice and Scholarship Granting Organizations

ESM participates in the Indiana School Choice program and eligible students may receive full or partial state funded scholarships to offset total tuition costs.  We also are able to offer tax-credit scholarships through the Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization of Indiana.  ESM expects to provide more than $30,000 of scholarships through this program alone.  You can review the eligibility guidelines for both programs to check opportunities that may be available to your family online at

Other need-based scholarship opportunities exist.  If you believe that you may qualify for any scholarship or grant, please complete the Student Tuition Scholarship Application. By completing the Student Tuition Scholarship Application you can help us identify the best opportunity for your child.

Payment Choices

During the summer and before August financial registration, fully enrolled families will receive a tuition statement. Families may choose to pay in full, semi-annually, or monthly according to the schedule.

For additional help or to receive more information about school tuition planning please contact Karen Clendenen at [email protected] or 260.459.1616.