ESM School Board

The Board consists of representatives and a pastor from both congregations.  The school Asst. Principal and Principal serve as advisory members of the Board.  Two non-member representatives also serve on this board.  They work together to manage the tasks that will enrich the lives of children, help teachers do their jobs better, and touch the lives of many families in the service of our Lord. 

  • Rev. Tom Eggold - Emmanuel
  • Darrell Armstead - Emmanuel
  • Paul Smith - Emmanuel
  • Erin Clark - Emmanuel
  • Pat Scheiderer - Emmanuel
  • Dan Smith - Emmanuel
  • Rev. Reed Lessing - St. Michael
  • Susan Jones - St. Michael
  • Amee Augenstein - St. Michael
  • Tara Panning - St. Michael
  • Denise Beights - St. Michael
  • Tera Klutz - St. Michael
  • Joe Schoeph - St. Michael
  • Administration - Jacob Pennekamp
  • Administration - Alicia Levitt

In addition, a pastoral representative from each congregation (Rev. Thomas Eggold and Rev. Reed Lessing),and both administrators (Alicia Levitt and Jacob Pennekamp), attend monthly meetings.